About Us


RECEWAPEC has achieved the following:

Impact we’re creating


  1. Most of the older persons now know their rights from RECEWAPEC workshop in outreach programs ( about 5000)
  2. Most of the older persons now join RECEWAPEC to advocate for their rights (more than 4000)
  3. Through RECEWAPEC advocacy in collaboration with other associations working with and for older persons, with older persons themselves were able to push the government of Cameroon to formulate a National Policy on ageing which was validated in 2010 now pending to be release officially as to be tabled in the law and upper house for enacting into Cameroon law (more than 10,000 older persons)


  1. Most of the elderly persons now are able to read their magazine and educate themselves using the medicated eye glasses given by RECEWAPEC (about 1000 older persons through our community eye screening campaigns)
  2. RECEWAPEC has been identifying elder persons in the communities with cataract,   glaucoma, corneal, who were referred to appropriate Eye Care Hospitals for proper eye care while RECEWAPEC  solved the issues of short sight and long sight with medicated eye glasses and eye drops (about 500 older persons)


  1. Some older persons in communities are able to pay fees for their grandchildren and also to get them household basic needs form RECEWAPEC income generating (IGAs) introduced to them through RECEWAPEC (more than 500 older persons)
  2. Most of RECEWAPEC community older people are now living happily as most of them were formerly living in distress and hardship but RECEWAPEC practicing cultural activities in communities, mobilized and involved these older persons which in participation, they keep fit, relax and enjoy themselves living lively. E.g. old people community football games, walks etc. (about 500 older persons)